A practical guide for dealing with the death of a loved one in Florida.
Why I Wrote This Book
Thank you for your interest in my new book. I was moved to write this book as a result of my father's death at a young age of 59. While I was an estate planning and probate attorney and knew of the amount of paperwork and difficulties of dealing with death, I had no idea how hard it was to go through the process while going through the grief. I came to really empathize with my clients and wanted to to give them a book to help them understand what to do BEFORE going through the legal process. This book will answer your questions.. What Happens When There Is A Knock At The Door?.. telling you that a loved one has died. How Do you Select An Attorney? CPA? Financial Advisor? If You Have a Revocable Trust Why Do You Need a Probate? These are just a few of the questions that are answered in a concise and easy to read answer format.
Linda and her father, Hatch, are walking on the beach, as they do every Tuesday. They like to talk over the week's work and what is going on in their lives. While their relationship has often been rocky, it is now pretty good as Linda has grown up. While they are walking, Hatch grasps his throat and falls to the ground. Linda calls out to people to call 911. Tragically, Hatch has died of a heart attack at the young age of 59. Linda is lost, and doesn't know what happens or what to do next.
Have you ever wondered what would happen if someone you loved tragically passed away unexpectedly? Would you know what to do?
Finally a short EASY question and answer book that will answer some of the most common questions in an easy to read format. None of us have experience in dealing with the death of a loved one until it happens to us. No one can understand what we go through until we go through it. This book is from an attorney who has been through it and explains in an easy way what to do when the unexpected happens.
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